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Est enim tanti philosophi tamque nobilis audacter sua

Non quam nostram quidem, inquit Pomponius iocans; Si enim ita est, vide ne facinus facias, cum mori suadeas. Sed residamus, inquit, si placet. Duo Reges: constructio interrete. Ut proverbia non nulla veriora sint quam vestra dogmata. Hic nihil fuit, quod quaereremus. Post enim Chrysippum eum non sane est disputatum. Id enim volumus, id contendimus, ut officii fructus sit ipsum officium. Si stante, hoc natura videlicet vult, salvam esse se, quod concedimus;

Est enim tanti philosophi tamque nobilis audacter sua decreta defendere. Zenonis est, inquam, hoc Stoici. Eadem nunc mea adversum te oratio est. Item de contrariis, a quibus ad genera formasque generum venerunt. Hos contra singulos dici est melius. Deinde prima illa, quae in congressu solemus: Quid tu, inquit, huc?

Plane idem, inquit, et maxima quidem, qua fieri nulla maior potest. Sic enim censent, oportunitatis esse beate vivere. Atqui iste locus est, Piso, tibi etiam atque etiam confirmandus, inquam; Dicet pro me ipsa virtus nec dubitabit isti vestro beato M. Avaritiamne minuis? Eaedem enim utilitates poterunt eas labefactare atque pervertere.

Sed quia studebat laudi et dignitati, multum in virtute processerat. Dic in quovis conventu te omnia facere, ne doleas. Bonum integritas corporis: misera debilitas. Immo videri fortasse. Quod quidem iam fit etiam in Academia. Sed utrum hortandus es nobis, Luci, inquit, an etiam tua sponte propensus es?, nam de summo mox, ut dixi, videbimus et ad id explicandum disputationem omnem conferemus. Si mala non sunt, iacet omnis ratio Peripateticorum. Nam si amitti vita beata potest, beata esse non potest. Ego vero volo in virtute vim esse quam maximam; Haec et tu ita posuisti, et verba vestra sunt.

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Share Market or Property Market? Property Pundits Take a Few Hits!

Property or Shares?  The opinionated battle has raged for decades, and of course, there is no nice, simple, neatly-packed-in-your-lunch-box answer!  Everyone has different situations and circumstances, available capital, risk profiles etc.

But recently, the gloating of the property advocates over recent years in Australia is perhaps starting to develop some cracks in the armour – so to speak – as the property markets in major Australian cities start to experience a cooling down, and in one sector, significant risks of over-supply.

Of course, we’re talking about the inner city apartment markets, particularly those in Melbourne and Brisbane, where there has been massive construction activity in this sector for several years, and showing no signs of abating.

Construction White Card training provider Urban Elearning recently posted on one of their courses’ blogs an interesting assembly of opinions about the apartment market of late, in light of the micro construction boom of city-based and city-fringe apartments emerging out of the ground at a rate of knots.

The article author states:
“But there’s another gremlin in the property market prospects as oversupply of inner city and inner city fringe apartments hits epidemic proportions in the major cities.  iPads, Coles Myer Gift Cards, rent-free periods, and even removal expenses are being offered to entice prospective apartment renters into inner city fringe locations.”


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Get Rid Of Graham Quirk – Open Letter To Brisbane Residents

Brisbane Residents, It’s Time For Quirk To Leave The BCC House…….

When my wife and I moved back to Brisbane, we were so excited to come back to our ‘city with a country feel’, where people talked to each other and where decisions were made locally to meet the needs of the locals. We were wrong. The BCC, with Quirk at the helm has done its best to quash our lovely city with traffic congestion, inadequate public transport, developments going up left, right and centre with little or no thought to the communities who live there. Some of my old stomping grounds are a mess now with no parking (once you can get through the overcrowded streets!) Something needs to change.

To everyone who is voting in Brisbane, I urge you that this is the most important election in decades, and I urge you not to vote for Quirk.

As I sit here in my lounge room and I wonder what Quirk has done in the last 4 years for Brisbane, I can’t think of a thing that has improved this city or managed its growing pains. On other hand we have had 2 children in that time – so my wife and I have been busy! But I look at Brisbane now and imagine what an extra 200,000 people in the next 4 years is going to do to this city if we continue in this reckless manner, and I am genuinely concerned. As a young kid my Dad told me to vote Labor, I said why and he said, “Because they look after the workers and families – you’ll always be better with Labor,” – so I did for a while. Then I voted LNP because I thought they had a better grip on what is happening in Australia. For a few years I voted for the Greens because I didn’t want to give my vote to either main party. So, I don’t want you to think that this article is political, it isn’t, it’s about the choices we have now for the future of Brisbane and the right person regardless of party!

I don’t believe he has achieved anything of merit for the people of Brisbane in his current term. I don’t believe that Quirk will change his spots and address the needs of the Brisbane community if re-elected. I don’t believe that he is equipped to guide Brisbane into the future with the significant growth forecasted.

I do believe that if re-elected, that the status quo will be maintained, for a short while, thanks to significant funding from rate rises, asset sales and closed-door development approvals – history repeats itself. This is not good enough for you, for me or for my community.

In my research I found a few things I was not aware of, and I thought you might like to be fully informed before going to the polls:

  • Quirk uses over $18m a year of your money on brochures to let us know that he has done nothing. That’s $76 million in 4 years – don’t you think that could be better spent?!
  • Quirk’s BCC has a debt to the tune of $1.7 Billion. Now, I know that most of us think, yeah we would expect BCC to have some debt. So, what’s the issue? In order for the Council to do major works that we need for a growing Brisbane, it’s likely that we will have to borrow lots of money due to its current debt position of $1.7 billion. Quirk is talking about a transport plan of over $1.2 billion. What this means is he will have to borrow over $600 million. That means that your rates will have to go up at least 6 – 8% to cover that expense; that’s an average of  (n) per household to pay for it. Even the RACQ have said that this single lane transit plan will be totally ineffective and therefore Brisbane residents will have to foot the bill to remedy it!

I have looked at the options. The Labor party has come up with a light rail plan that’s about $1.2 billion. Is this a better plan – it’s around the same money? I have not looked into detail of the bottle neck solutions but Harding has been clever from a debt point of view as he has used a precedence for what the Gold Coast City council has done and paid 10% of the cost and the State and Federal Government has put the bill for the rest – so this is a better result for all of us from a rates point of view and still getting infrastructure. Under Harding’s plan they will not have to borrow any money so our rates can maintain their current rate. Will it work? I don’t know and I don’t think either party has explained in enough detail how this transport plan will help us, but already it seems like a more community-responsive and proactive plan.

In relation to Quirk’s $650 million plan for Kingsford Smith Drive (paused for now),Harding has said that he could use that same amount on fixing the traffic bottlenecks in a heap more suburbs than just one area – I tend to agree. The flow-on effect from Quirk’s plan would be paralysing from day 1: imagine 4 – 6 years of development and trying to get to the airport or just onto the gateway and it taking hours. Forget about trying to take public transport as the network is hopeless and the train stations don’t have enough parks – so you can’t catch the train – what a mess! Imagine on world scale that we have tourists coming in and they take hours to get to the city because of the road works, imagine where all of that traffic has got to be rerouted to – Gympie / Lutwyche Road is already over capacity, Gateway already a disaster if there is an accident. That plan is a disaster waiting to happen. I think I’ll go with Harding on that one.

In regards to Quirk – he has a lot to answer for with the land sale debacle. In case you missed it, he was trying to sell a block of land to a LNP donator. I then read in the Courier Mail that he is using the same developer’s cars to promote his election. What else is he hiding that he is not telling us? Money first and the community of Brisbane second– that’s not a council I want to support.

Quirk is tired, out of ideas and I don’t expect any changes from him. It’s time for a change for Brisbane. We need a candidate who can manage the needs of people of Brisbane now and in the future. Who can manage our finances, our environment and our community responsibly? No more handing over your rates payments each quarter and getting nothing in return but a shiny brochure from some man in an ivory tower.

I’m giving Harding a go. I like his track record, he has a solid plan and he has the right energy and focus to get Brisbane back on track. I’m not asking you to vote for him, just please do not vote for Quirk make your vote count on a candidate that you believe will do the right thing for Brisbane – don’t let someone who has failed, get another 4 years to do nothing because we can’t afford that and as Brisbane resident you deserve so much better!

More than any other time you need to contact your candidate through Twitter, Facebook, email, phone or whatever it takes and demand that they give you a better deal on rates that they fix what is wrong with your suburb and get their commitment for you to vote for them. You need to make sure that they deserve your vote more than ever.

The latest Galaxy poll from the Courier Mail on page 16 on Saturday has Harding at 38%, Pennings at 9%, Other at 3% and Quirk at 50%.  On a two party preferred basis Harding is 47% and Quirk is 53%.

On the Courier Mail’s own poll at 7:37pm on the 6th of March here are the stats:

Harding 51.15%

Quirk 43.83%

Pennings 4.3%

Hodges 0.24%

Boele 0.24%

Eldridge 0.16%

Wirth 0.08%

You need to make difference and make Quirk go away – vote for a better candidate today!





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Morning Market Update: Flat Finish

US markets were little changed at the close overngiht, with the benchmark indices held down by weak housing data.

The Dow added eight points (+0.1%) to 16073, the S&P500 slipped three points (-0.2%) to 1802 and the Nasdaq put on three points (+0.1%) to 3995.

Following a record breaking run for stocks, it was not surprising to see investors take their foot off the pedal, after data showed a surprise slump in pending home sales last month.

It was the fifth consecutive month where pending home sales have contracted, stoking concerns the housing market recovery is losing steam amid rising interest rates.

The landmark agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear program led to further losses in oil, with traders anticipating a future deal will eventually allow the nation to begin exporting crude.

Gold also came under pressure as the Iranian deal diminished the precious metal’s appeal as a safe haven investment.

Front month oil futures lost 0.7% to US$94.17 a barrel and gold futures declined 0.2% to US$1241 an ounce.

There was not a great deal of action in currency markets, with the US dollar rising modestly against its major counterparts as speculation mounts the Fed will soon announce plans to curtail stimulus.

There is no major economic data due for release today.


Morning Market Update: Flat Finish is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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Morning Market Update: All Signs Point To Big Day For Bulls

US markets snapped their losing streak overnight, with the Dow Jones closing above the key 16000 level for the first time.

The renewed optimism on Wall Street came after data showed a bigger-than-expected decrease in weekly US jobless claims.

A surprise jump in US manufacturing activity this month further fuelled risk appetite, and allayed concerns of a threat to economic growth from a reduction in Fed stimulus.

The Dow soared 109 points (+0.7%) to 16010, the Nasdaq climbed 48 points (+1.2%) to 3969 and the S&P500 put on 15 points (+0.8%) to 1796.

Most commodities strengthened, even though data yesterday revealed a surprise slowdown in Chinese manufacturing growth in November.

Oil soared 1.4% to US$95.16 a barrel as the drop in US jobless claims brightened the outlook for energy demand.

Conversely, gold slid 1.1% to US$1244 an ounce as traders price in either a December or January start date for Fed stimulus tapering.

The potential for an imminent reduction in the Fed’s monthly bond buys, combined with improving economic data, saw money flow into the US dollar.

The greenback was strongest against the yen and Aussie, with the latter taking a hit from yesterday’s comments from Glenn Stevens, in which he flagged the possibility of currency intervention in order to weaken the dollar.

There is no major economic data due for release today.


Morning Market Update: All Signs Point To Big Day For Bulls is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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Morning Market Update: Soft Start Ahead

Global markets weakened slightly overnight, although trading was fairly choppy given the lack of economic catalysts.

The Dow Jones broke through 16000 for a second time, but couldn’t build on its gains, as traders looked to take profits after the blue chip index’s recent run higher.

Sentiment was not helped by disappointing earnings from retailer Best Buy, whilst other investors were content to remain on the sidelines ahead of a speech by Ben Bernanke later this morning.

The Dow slipped nine points (-0.1%) to 15967, the Nasdaq dropped 17 points (-0.4%) to 3932 and the S&P500 let go of four points (-0.2%) to 1788.

In commodity markets, oil edged up 0.4% to US$93.36 a barrel.

Traders were cautious ahead of a crucial meeting between Iran and the West over its nuclear program, which may see trade sanctions against the rogue nation eased.

The US dollar was mostly weaker against other currencies, as traders look to Bernanke’s speech today for clues on when the Fed will begin tapering stimulus.

In economic news, the Melbourne Institute Leading Index is due for release at 10:30am, AEDT.


Morning Market Update: Soft Start Ahead is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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Morning Market Update: Positive Start

It was another night of milestones for US markets on Friday night, with the S&P500 and Dow each claiming new record highs on hopes for a continuation of Fed stimulus.

Benchmark US indices logged their sixth consecutive weekly gain, the longest such winning streak since February. The advance came despite a raft of economic data that underwhelmed expectations.

A measure of New York area manufacturing activity surprisingly contracted this month, coinciding with data showing a contraction in American industrial production during October.

Investors looked past the weak data, which has only boosted speculation the Fed will delay when it begins reducing stimulus, perhaps not until after policy dove Janet Yellen, is sworn in as the next head of the Federal Reserve.

The Dow rose 86 points (+0.5%) to 15962, the S&P500 added seven points (+0.4%) to 1798 and the Nasdaq put on 13 points (+0.3%) to 3986.

The prospects of Janet Yellen extending the Fed’s monthly bond buying program saw gold edge higher, and notch its first weekly gain in two. Bullion added 0.1% to US$1287 an ounce.

The move in gold prices coincided with a drop in the US dollar against other currencies. Sentiment towards the greenback has taken a negative turn following Yellen’s testimony in which she argued in favour of stimulus.

Gold’s strength stood in contrast to oil, which suffered its six consecutive weekly loss – the longest stretch of declines in about 15 years. Crude futures climbed a modest 0.5% on Friday night, to US$94.19 a barrel.

Crude has been battered by data showing ongoing increases in US oil inventories, without a corresponding increase in demand.

There is no major economic data due for release today.


Morning Market Update: Positive Start is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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Morning Market Update: Positive Start Ahead

Wall Street continued its momentum into a second session overnight, as Janet Yellen’s testimony to Congress soothed fears about an end to quantitative easing.

Yellen fronted the US Senate for her confirmation hearing yesterday, where she outlined her reasons for continuing quantitative easing.

Early indications are that she will be sworn in as the next chairwoman of the US Federal Reserve once Ben Bernanke’s term expires at the end of January next year.

Stocks remained higher despite data showing little change in weekly US jobless claims and a smaller than expected rise in labour productivity during the third quarter.

The Dow rose 54 points (+0.3%) to 15876, the S&P500 climbed nine points (+0.5%) to 1791 and the Nasdaq put on seven points (+0.2%) to 3973.

Gold was a major beneficiary of Yellen’s testimony, particularly her comment that it was important not to remove monetary support in light of the fragile economic recovery.

Elsewhere, oil was held down by data showing an eighth consecutive weekly increase in US crude stockpiles.

Bullion soared 1.4% to US$1269 an ounce and front month oil futures ticked up slightly to US$93.90 a barrel. In currency markets, the US dollar held onto its recent gains despite mounting speculation Yellen will continue with the Fed’s easing policies.

There is no major economic data due for release today.


Morning Market Update: Positive Start Ahead is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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Morning Marketing Update: Yellen To The Rescue

U.S. markets bounced back overnight on hopes Janet Yellen will continue the Fed’s easy money policies if she is confirmed as the next Chair of the central bank.

Yellen is due to front the US Senate for her confirmation hearing later this morning, and the expectation is she will outline her reasons for continuing quantitative easing.

Both the Dow and S&P500 reached new record highs, with retailer Macy’s providing a further boost to sentiment after revealing stronger-than-expected earnings.

The Dow Jones climbed 71 points (+0.5%) to 15822, the S&P500 added 14 points (+0.8%) to 1782 and the Nasdaq jumped 46 points (+1.2%) to 3966.

In commodity markets, oil clawed back some of its recent heavy losses but gains were capped by fears tonight’s data will reveal further increases in weekly US crude stockpiles.

Front month oil futures advanced 0.8% to US$93.76 a barrel whilst gold weakened 0.2% to US$1268 an ounce.

The U.S. dollar strengthened last night, but has come under pressure this morning as traders react to the dovish tone of Yellen’s prepared remarks to Congress.

In economic news, the Melbourne Institute inflation expectations index is due for release at 11:00am, AEDT, whilst new motor vehicles sales data is due out half an hour later.

Morning Marketing Update: Yellen To The Rescue is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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Morning Market Update: Strong Start Ahead

Wall Street ensured a positive finish to the week by notching a healthy gain Friday night, as a pickup in American jobs growth eased fears over the US economy.

Following a tentative start, US stocks picked up the pace after data revealed the economy added a bigger-than-expected 204,000 jobs in October. The September jobs figures were also revised up slightly.

Despite the jobless rate rising to 7.3%, and other data showing US consumer sentiment dropping to its lowest since December 2011, the October job gains appeared strong enough to bring forward the start date for stimulus tapering.

The renewed wave of optimism over the economy propelled the Dow Jones to another record high and saw the blue chip index log its fifth consecutive weekly gain.

The Dow soared 168 points (+1.1%) to 15762, the S&P500 put on 24 points (+1.4%) to 1771 and the Nasdaq added 62 points (+1.6%) to 3919.

With markets firmly in risk on mode, gold was slammed on expectations the Fed may make a move on tapering as early as December. Bullion prices slid 1.9% to US$1285 an ounce.

Oil was up modestly, but its gains were capped by the weak consumer sentiment read and other data showing US personal spending growth surprisingly falling in September.

The US dollar was resurgent against a number of other currencies, including the Aussie, which was hurt by Friday’s RBA monetary policy statement, which seemingly increased the likelihood of another rate cut.

In economic news, home loans data is due for release at 11:30am, AEDT.


Morning Market Update: Strong Start Ahead is a post from: Australian Stock Report Market Pulse Blog

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