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Authorised Investment Fund Company Reports – Half Yearly

Appendix 4D AUTHORISED INVESTMENT FUND LIMITED ABN 51 068 793 322 Half Year Report Period Ended 31 December 2010 Previous corresponding period: Half Year ended 31 December 2009 RESULTS FOR ANNOUNCEMENT TO THE MARKET Key Information Revenues from ordinary activities Profit (Loss) from ordinary activities after tax attributable to members Down 53 Down 557 to to to 4,948 (87,569) (87,569) Profit (Loss) for the period attributable to members Down 557 Dividends It is not proposed to pay a dividend Net Tangible Assets Net tangible assets per security: Current period Net tangible assets per security 2 cents Previous corresponding period 3 cents Details of Entities over which control has been gained or lost during the period There were no entities over which control was gained or lost during the period. Authorised Investment Fund has issued similar announcements two times before, most recently about 0 minutes ago on Thursday 25 February 2010. The announcement ‘Half Year Accounts’ was issued to the ASX on Monday 28 February 2011. Notice Type: Company Reports Half Yearly

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