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Find a Full Service Broker

Traditional or full service brokerage firms offer personalised financial advice to investors.

As this level of advice requires a lot of one-on-one attention, they typically charge the highest brokerage fees. This brokerage model best suits beginner investors that are willing to pay high commissions for a very specialised service.

HC Securities Find a Full Service BrokerEgoli recommends HC Securities

Open an account with HC Securities today.

Services offered by HC Securities

  • Trade Australia Equities, Options, Warrants, CFDs, Futures (incl. E-minis) and US Shares.
  • Trade over the phone, by email or online.
  • Have an experienced Client Advisor manage your account – at no additional fee!.
  • Receive FREE weekly trade recommendations sent straight to your email or mobile phone!
  • Gain access to Capital Raisings and IPOs.

How to Open an Account

Simply visit the HC Securities website at and select the ‘Join Us’ tab. From there, you will answer a few questions, submit your details and HC Securities will have your account open in no time!

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