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Letter to Shareholders re Payment of Inaugural Dividend

L000001 000001 000 GRR MR JOHN SMITH 1 FLAT 123 123 SAMPLE STREET THE SAMPLE HILL SAMPLE ESTATE SAMPLEVILLE VIC 3030 PAYMENT OF INAUGURAL DIVIDEND Dear Shareholder, On 31 August 2011, Grange Resources Limited (Grange or the Company) was pleased to announce its inaugural interim dividend of 2 cents per share (unfranked), highlighting the cash generation and consequent cash reserves at the Savage River operations. Grange Resources has issued similar announcements two times before, most recently about 0 minutes ago on Friday 23 July 2010. The announcement ‘Letter to Shareholders re Payment of Inaugural Dividend’ was issued to the ASX on Wednesday 31 August 2011. Notice Type: Mergers, acquisitions, takeovers

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