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Share Market or Property Market? Property Pundits Take a Few Hits!

Property or Shares?  The opinionated battle has raged for decades, and of course, there is no nice, simple, neatly-packed-in-your-lunch-box answer!  Everyone has different situations and circumstances, available capital, risk profiles etc.

But recently, the gloating of the property advocates over recent years in Australia is perhaps starting to develop some cracks in the armour – so to speak – as the property markets in major Australian cities start to experience a cooling down, and in one sector, significant risks of over-supply.

Of course, we’re talking about the inner city apartment markets, particularly those in Melbourne and Brisbane, where there has been massive construction activity in this sector for several years, and showing no signs of abating.

Construction White Card training provider Urban Elearning recently posted on one of their courses’ blogs an interesting assembly of opinions about the apartment market of late, in light of the micro construction boom of city-based and city-fringe apartments emerging out of the ground at a rate of knots.

The article author states:
“But there’s another gremlin in the property market prospects as oversupply of inner city and inner city fringe apartments hits epidemic proportions in the major cities.  iPads, Coles Myer Gift Cards, rent-free periods, and even removal expenses are being offered to entice prospective apartment renters into inner city fringe locations.”


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